Thought: Things worth having dont come easy

I officially signed my contracts today and it is such a huge relief.. 🙂

[top: ZARA, jeans: wholesale thailand, shoes: missi missi, bag: Dior]

I love how the top has a texan/flowy vibe which naturally lead  me to match it with the Dior bag that had a touch of rustic dark brown 🙂

One person who has an amazing country/texan/girly fashion style is Taylor Swift! She is beyond gorgeous and has the most amazing body which basically means she can whatver she wants and it will be a fashion statement! However, I do believe that the way in which she performs and carries herself allows her to OWN that fashion sense. I was lucky enough to go to one of her concerts this year and lets just say it was ELECTRIFYING!! =D

Stunning ❤




Thought: The best things in life are unplanned..

Currently, I have been so busy with my visa applications for my MSc which is really starting to stress me out! Anyways, all I can do now is just hope for the best. The only reason I am leaving earlier is because I will be flying off to Vancouver, Canada for a short break. I am so excited because I will finally see my aunt, uncle and cousins  which I have not seen in years!!

Today started off pretty slow and the clouds are hanging over our little KB town. So, here I am dressing light and breezy. I remember getting this dress in thailand and thinking this is SO me. At heart, I am absolutely a girly-girl however there are days I go casual-vintage or anything over the rainbow. Sometimes, I feel its hard to really dress the way in which you want because people tend to judge or go like ” who the hell does she think she is?”. HOWEVER, the key is to not give a damn because honey if you got it, flaunt it!

Thought: With all things beautiful

“Channelling my inner Chanel”

Today is one of the best days of my life !!! I cant believe I will be able to go back and do my MSc in London 😀 It is what I have been dreaming of doing since the beginning of the year and now it is finally materialising into something real. SO, i cannot be any happier… BLISSS! What better way to celebrate than in a chanel ❤



Thought : Reborn, reinvent & RevivE!!!!

So, today i decided to go a  little vintage and put on my  new and purply/pink long dresss 🙂


What I love the most about the outfit is the flowyness and the soft cotton feel.  This is the perfect example of me dressing on how i feel. Its perfect for the weather since Brunei is an average 39 degree temperature country so this is the perfect balance of comfort and fashionable wear.

I cant believe my summer in Brunei is possibly coming to an end in a few weeks. It is unbelievably sad because I had so much fun this past few months especially with all the amazing people that have come in and out of my life. Brunei is really a place of etopia where I can shut out from the real world and hide away from all things difficult and depressing. However, I am quite excited to actually go back to London and start my masters course. I really cant wait to go back all my favourite restaurants on westbourne grove i.e. otto lenghi, cafe 202 /daylesford and london in general ❤ ❤ ❤


Daylesford- beautiful organic food 🙂

toms deli – eggs florentine


to die for

Thats the end of the food post



Thought : all things bright and shiny!

SELAMAT HARI RAYA EVERYONE! It is the second day of the muslim celebration – hari raya! Yesterday was a full day of celebrating,eating and house visiting! I am soo happy to be home right now in the midst of the celebration.

I was looking through some inspirations for my graduation dress which I am hoping to get made for me. While doing so I came across photos of the girls from the  sex of the city which has inspired me to do a post on the styles of these sassy ladies. I guess everyone knows that the show sex and the city is synomymous with the word – fashion! Of course, all the characters on the show are absolutely stunning and they all have their own personal style which is essential in making their character. I loved how the show was able to reach and influence so many generations of women. Eventhough I havent gone through half of the stuff they talk about on the show but the way in which they tell the stories is unique, fun  and most importantly real. That just makes it the more relatable!

Admittedly, I think I actually watched both sex and the city movies more than 20 times. I guess the reason why I loved both movies so much is first off the fashion and second the fun and touching story line. I know alot of people has said the movie had a weird/ anti-climatic storyline but I say whatver! i loved it! 🙂

Behind these ladies is the amazingly talented designer/stylist – Patricia Field! I mean yes, the girls on the show make the character but ultimately the clothes make the character! All i can say is that this woman has an amazing flair for fashion and show is the perfect mix of good acting-storyline-fashion and of course NEWYORK!

If  I really had to choose the character which I relate to the most and secretly emmulate it would be – charlotte! I absolutely love the upper-east side chic and the her conservative beliefs! I guess its because I have an inner homemaker in me and at the same she is also successful in her chosen career plus she is uber chic!!! She gives out the belief that women can hvae it just as long as you try hard enough and never ever give up. Furthermore, its the hopeless romantic in her which I can understand because everyone that knows me that im a sucker for love and happy endings.

I relate so much to the image above!

What has been imprinted in my mind is the part in Sex and the city :2 where she walks into her His and Her’s walk-in wardrobe!!! I have always imagined or dreamed to have  a wardrobe like this.  The massive wardrobe which was shown in the 1st movie was pretty too but i think it looked too much like a store! Hopefully,  one day il build my own dream wardrobe so that my clothes wont be spilling out of my closet like it is now 🙂



Thought: Beyond what we know!

I decided to do something rather spontaneous yesterday and went to get my hair did! More specifically  a digital perm 🙂 I was kinda getting sick of my straight/wavy/layery hair. SPlus, I really needed a change from the norm. Ive had my hair permed before but now my hair looks like something that came out of a Beyonce video which I LOVE! The process didnt last as long as I thought because it only took 1.5 hours and the people at “Scissor Sound” are really nice and very helpful unlike other salons with irritatingly annoying/loud/disrepectful hairdressers.

Something that has recently caught my eye are designs from Herve Leger by MaxAzria. Herve Leger is infamously known to create body-con dresses a.k.a extremely tight and fits in all the right places of the body. These body con dresses always create the perfect silouhette for women , making them feel extremely sexy!

So, after browsing all the different collections I picked out a few of my favourites..

What I love about Fashion is the ability to reinvent oneself . I love how the looks above are all so different, representing a different kind of woman or mood.  The sage combo mallory dress has this amazing detail like an abstract painting with all the different assymetrical lines. Plus, I really love this neckline as it just makes the shoulders look so skinny!! The second look is this amazing combo of military and a flirty flowy dress. I have just started this fascination with things that are gold but only in small doses. I wont be walking down the street with a full on gold ensemble but I definitely love adding gold pieces because it just gives the extra pop. The 3rd look is absolutely stunning in a more wearable way! I mean not everyone may feel as comfortable in a body-con so the 3rd look is a less obvious-sexy look! I really like the shoulders on the jacket as it tends to make a womans waist look smaller combined with the sexy lingerie-esque dress inside!!

I would love to own one of Herve Leger’s by Max Azria dresses one day but I think it would be an extremely difficult fete to try and decide which one I want! 🙂




Start fresh!

i am finally a graduate and am currently on my beautiful summer break here in Brunei. I finally have the time to really let loose and go back to what I love – fashion!

The trending topics recently is all about Kim k’s wedding to Kris humphris. It’s insane what a massive spectacle it all really is when all she has been famous for is being famous! I guess US is really the place where all dreams come true. What has really fascinated me the most about the whole thing is the dress Vera wang is designing for her. I am more than certain it is going to be fabulous and it is going to fit perfectly to her curvaceous body.

I guess that’s one of the many reasons why I love Vera Wang so much. As a designer she is not only inspirational but she really knows how a womans body is made. She does not design for one particular type of body but she has the depth and knowledge to make every woman feel beautiful and perfect.

I was quite happily surprised that before Vera wang and Anna wintour made it in the fashion industry,they were actuAlly roomates in a tiny flat in New York. I would have loved to have just been a wall flower and listen to their conversation at the time. I mean every successful person started from a place of nothing but a whole load of dreams. Sometimes the road to success seems too difficult but learning from 2 people this inspirational makes it more imaginable. Hence, I believe that if you start by doing something you really truly love then happiness and money will come. In weird way, maybe KIm K is obsessed or loves being rich and famous till that’s she got. Kinda twisted but there is always a single lining to everything right.


what are you suppose to be?

Happy halloween!!! =D

I went to a halloween party at a friends place yday and the costumes were mad!!! Some really scary, funny, slutty and crazy! I was a vampire failed! to be honest i just savaged whatevr i could from my wardrobe and vampire seemed the most appropiate at the time. But i looked more like a witch 🙂

Anyways, it was definitely good fun 🙂

OMG!!! i am totally ecstatic over my winter holiday because i will be flying off to italy for christmas. Our destinations are venice,florence and rome. It has always been a dream of mine to spend christmas at the vatican city and i am so happy that i will be finally getting to do that. Italy is a country filled with so much history and christianity really runs deep in their people. Being a catholic, i guess the vatican city is a place that has always had a special spot in my heart. I know in this modern age religion is kinda taboo because we hold the fear of offending or being an extremist. I have always been a strong believer but for the past few years i feel myself asking more questions and feeling an insecurity that cannot be masked. All i am certain with is that whenever i am in trouble or in deep fear i never fail to just put my head and hope the big guy up there hears me.

Its going to amazing to be riding in these tiny boats around venicce….

A beautiful sunset photo of florence ❤

Cant wait to throw my penny into the infamous TREVIE !!! ❤ ❤



Oh hello! Fancy meeting u here!

Its been a while since i last posted. Alot of things has happened in my life and I am so happy to confirm that I am currently in LONDON, hub of everything and anything goes 🙂 Uni has been mental but i guess uni wouldn’t be uni if work wasnt piling up. Anyways, I am now 22 BABYY!!!!!!!!!!!

Had the most amazing gift! My boyfriend flew over from Brunei to surprise me!! All I know is that feel fabulous at 22 and I am IN LOVE with him! To put it into a song , I would say Katy Perry -Teenage Dreams would describe how i feel inside. Its sad to know that my teenage years are far behind me now but I am excited to see where my life takes me now as i head into a new chapter of my life.As I always believe, if you feel fabulous inside nothing else matters 🙂 I was on dance floor dancing to TEENAGE DREAMS at the stroke of midnight ringing in my 22’s at Shanghai, Knightsbridge!! ❤

Katy Perry is such a doll!!…I love her songs and though they don’t always make sense, it has all the necessary ingredients to get me off my seat! Katy Perry has the ability to mold eccentricness and beauty into a preetty little package which is not too in your face but instead makes you feel.. “HEY! IM A GIRL and WHY CANT I HAVE SOME FUN ! ”

She has the most preettiest eyes which has such a whimsical feel to it! @_@…I cannot wait to see her wedding pictures which i am sure will not disappoint!!! 🙂

On my birthday, I was treated by my love to the most amazing dinner at The Grill, Dorchester Hotel. The food was amazing and the ambience a little snnooty but what can you expect from a fine-dining traditionally english place. The servers were extremely polite and well informed on every single dish on the menu. I sometimes get awkward in formal places like this, seems like we always have to act a certain way but for the amount we are forced to pay  whats the problem with making a little noise.

At the end of the day its what feeels right for YOU and the world is just secondary.