[Bag: IMedici Firenze, Tights: Atmosphere, Knit dress: Atmosphere and Scarf: Atmosphere & Shoes: Kiku, Jacket: MANGO]

Spent the day strolling down Bayswater Market where the usual struggling artiste lay their own art pieces. It was such a good sunday morning though the sky was deceivingly grey. Found some really great pieces by Richard Price which were paintings of the sea that was inspired by the coast of England. Then, managed to finally end up at Portebello Market having the usual hummingbird cupcakes and people watch.

I guess one word that described my look for that day was “THRIFTY”. Most of the pieces came from a store called PRIMARK! This store is really a god-sent for every single student because it is basically a huge store dedicated to all things fashion without the usual bank breaking prices! I mean I know people who really despise the store and think it is only for the lower class! However, when your on a budget and a student this helps in feeding your retail cravings πŸ™‚ Plus, the quality is not too shabby. I literallly got my strip knit dress for 8 pounds and a scarf for 5!!! BARGAIN? I think so πŸ™‚