So here i am stuck in the middle of Richmond,Canada in a McDonalds Drive through as I wait patiently for my cousin to finish his meeting somewhere across the street?Is it weird to say im loving the brewed coffee here. Well this time alone gives me the perfect opportunity to sit and blog….

First of all, in my eyes Forever 21 is one of the greatest stores for thrifty-trying-to-make-it fashionistas. I have been OBSESSED with the store since forever and I always know I can find something which I will just go head-over-heels for. I am in love with the range of knitwear collection which will be absolutely perfect for the coming fall season.The best thing about knitwear is the fact that it allows comfort, warmth and sexiness! its the perfect piece because yes,  fashion with a capital F can painful but this makes it easier especially when your suffering from the freezing cold! Plus, it is so easy to swap from day to night look depending on the accessories!

I am actually flying back to London tomorro evening and part of  me is getting nervous thinking about  going back into the crazy lifestyle of university and LONDON! However, the upside is the accesibility to all things fashion with the right connections ,resources and persistence! So, now im really getting excited 🙂