i have been so busy lately travelling from Brunei-London-Canada! The jet lag has really been settling in because i can’t seem to sleep at the times i want to.. Anyways, vancouver has been absolutely beautiful with all the mountains and surrounding forests! The weather has been quite chilled but not enough for me to complain at all.

[ jacket: Forever 21, Top: Forever 21, Accessories: Forever 21, Shoes: Kiku, Jeans: Abrecrombie&Fitch, Bag:I Medici Firenze]

I am absolutely obsessed with my faux leather jacket i got in Forever 21. I will definitely be wearing it to threads by the time fall hits 🙂 Its the perfect fall jacket for me! I like it because it is so soft and it is not too masculine due to triangular collar! I don’t think I could really pull off a full on biker look just yet!