Was watching the Emmmys and fell in love with Aubrey Plaza’s dresss by Juan Carlos Obando 🙂 The picture just does not give it justice but still I love the flowyness and white on this dress ❤ The detail such as the waves at the hems and at the top of the dress creates the added subtle elegance .. LOVE! It could be one of my favourites of the night!

On the other handd…… my firs thought on Zooey Deschanel’s dress was WTF!!!!!!!!!! I mean the unfinished look of the ribbon on the dress looks extremely tacky against the bubblegum coloured dress which kinda looks like soufle cake-shape! ADDED on with the BIG hair and dark eye make up! so very wrong in so many ways!!! I love zooey because she really does carry off the 70s look the best but here is just NO! Eventhough its a Monique Lhullier it still did not work!

Another dress that was breaking headlines was Lea Michele’s by Marchesa! I liked it but it was abit underwhelming and it kinda made her look short… :S I dont know I didnt really like it though everyone was raving about it.Maybe its the massive shoulders or the fact that its longer than it needs to be on her..