Currently, I have been so busy with my visa applications for my MSc which is really starting to stress me out! Anyways, all I can do now is just hope for the best. The only reason I am leaving earlier is because I will be flying off to Vancouver, Canada for a short break. I am so excited because I will finally see my aunt, uncle and cousins  which I have not seen in years!!

Today started off pretty slow and the clouds are hanging over our little KB town. So, here I am dressing light and breezy. I remember getting this dress in thailand and thinking this is SO me. At heart, I am absolutely a girly-girl however there are days I go casual-vintage or anything over the rainbow. Sometimes, I feel its hard to really dress the way in which you want because people tend to judge or go like ” who the hell does she think she is?”. HOWEVER, the key is to not give a damn because honey if you got it, flaunt it!