SELAMAT HARI RAYA EVERYONE! It is the second day of the muslim celebration – hari raya! Yesterday was a full day of celebrating,eating and house visiting! I am soo happy to be home right now in the midst of the celebration.

I was looking through some inspirations for my graduation dress which I am hoping to get made for me. While doing so I came across photos of the girls from the  sex of the city which has inspired me to do a post on the styles of these sassy ladies. I guess everyone knows that the show sex and the city is synomymous with the word – fashion! Of course, all the characters on the show are absolutely stunning and they all have their own personal style which is essential in making their character. I loved how the show was able to reach and influence so many generations of women. Eventhough I havent gone through half of the stuff they talk about on the show but the way in which they tell the stories is unique, fun  and most importantly real. That just makes it the more relatable!

Admittedly, I think I actually watched both sex and the city movies more than 20 times. I guess the reason why I loved both movies so much is first off the fashion and second the fun and touching story line. I know alot of people has said the movie had a weird/ anti-climatic storyline but I say whatver! i loved it! 🙂

Behind these ladies is the amazingly talented designer/stylist – Patricia Field! I mean yes, the girls on the show make the character but ultimately the clothes make the character! All i can say is that this woman has an amazing flair for fashion and show is the perfect mix of good acting-storyline-fashion and of course NEWYORK!

If  I really had to choose the character which I relate to the most and secretly emmulate it would be – charlotte! I absolutely love the upper-east side chic and the her conservative beliefs! I guess its because I have an inner homemaker in me and at the same she is also successful in her chosen career plus she is uber chic!!! She gives out the belief that women can hvae it just as long as you try hard enough and never ever give up. Furthermore, its the hopeless romantic in her which I can understand because everyone that knows me that im a sucker for love and happy endings.

I relate so much to the image above!

What has been imprinted in my mind is the part in Sex and the city :2 where she walks into her His and Her’s walk-in wardrobe!!! I have always imagined or dreamed to have  a wardrobe like this.  The massive wardrobe which was shown in the 1st movie was pretty too but i think it looked too much like a store! Hopefully,  one day il build my own dream wardrobe so that my clothes wont be spilling out of my closet like it is now 🙂