I decided to do something rather spontaneous yesterday and went to get my hair did! More specifically  a digital perm 🙂 I was kinda getting sick of my straight/wavy/layery hair. SPlus, I really needed a change from the norm. Ive had my hair permed before but now my hair looks like something that came out of a Beyonce video which I LOVE! The process didnt last as long as I thought because it only took 1.5 hours and the people at “Scissor Sound” are really nice and very helpful unlike other salons with irritatingly annoying/loud/disrepectful hairdressers.

Something that has recently caught my eye are designs from Herve Leger by MaxAzria. Herve Leger is infamously known to create body-con dresses a.k.a extremely tight and fits in all the right places of the body. These body con dresses always create the perfect silouhette for women , making them feel extremely sexy!

So, after browsing all the different collections I picked out a few of my favourites..

What I love about Fashion is the ability to reinvent oneself . I love how the looks above are all so different, representing a different kind of woman or mood.  The sage combo mallory dress has this amazing detail like an abstract painting with all the different assymetrical lines. Plus, I really love this neckline as it just makes the shoulders look so skinny!! The second look is this amazing combo of military and a flirty flowy dress. I have just started this fascination with things that are gold but only in small doses. I wont be walking down the street with a full on gold ensemble but I definitely love adding gold pieces because it just gives the extra pop. The 3rd look is absolutely stunning in a more wearable way! I mean not everyone may feel as comfortable in a body-con so the 3rd look is a less obvious-sexy look! I really like the shoulders on the jacket as it tends to make a womans waist look smaller combined with the sexy lingerie-esque dress inside!!

I would love to own one of Herve Leger’s by Max Azria dresses one day but I think it would be an extremely difficult fete to try and decide which one I want! 🙂