i am finally a graduate and am currently on my beautiful summer break here in Brunei. I finally have the time to really let loose and go back to what I love – fashion!

The trending topics recently is all about Kim k’s wedding to Kris humphris. It’s insane what a massive spectacle it all really is when all she has been famous for is being famous! I guess US is really the place where all dreams come true. What has really fascinated me the most about the whole thing is the dress Vera wang is designing for her. I am more than certain it is going to be fabulous and it is going to fit perfectly to her curvaceous body.

I guess that’s one of the many reasons why I love Vera Wang so much. As a designer she is not only inspirational but she really knows how a womans body is made. She does not design for one particular type of body but she has the depth and knowledge to make every woman feel beautiful and perfect.

I was quite happily surprised that before Vera wang and Anna wintour made it in the fashion industry,they were actuAlly roomates in a tiny flat in New York. I would have loved to have just been a wall flower and listen to their conversation at the time. I mean every successful person started from a place of nothing but a whole load of dreams. Sometimes the road to success seems too difficult but learning from 2 people this inspirational makes it more imaginable. Hence, I believe that if you start by doing something you really truly love then happiness and money will come. In weird way, maybe KIm K is obsessed or loves being rich and famous till that’s she got. Kinda twisted but there is always a single lining to everything right.