Its been a while since i last posted. Alot of things has happened in my life and I am so happy to confirm that I am currently in LONDON, hub of everything and anything goes 🙂 Uni has been mental but i guess uni wouldn’t be uni if work wasnt piling up. Anyways, I am now 22 BABYY!!!!!!!!!!!

Had the most amazing gift! My boyfriend flew over from Brunei to surprise me!! All I know is that feel fabulous at 22 and I am IN LOVE with him! To put it into a song , I would say Katy Perry -Teenage Dreams would describe how i feel inside. Its sad to know that my teenage years are far behind me now but I am excited to see where my life takes me now as i head into a new chapter of my life.As I always believe, if you feel fabulous inside nothing else matters 🙂 I was on dance floor dancing to TEENAGE DREAMS at the stroke of midnight ringing in my 22’s at Shanghai, Knightsbridge!! ❤

Katy Perry is such a doll!!…I love her songs and though they don’t always make sense, it has all the necessary ingredients to get me off my seat! Katy Perry has the ability to mold eccentricness and beauty into a preetty little package which is not too in your face but instead makes you feel.. “HEY! IM A GIRL and WHY CANT I HAVE SOME FUN ! ”

She has the most preettiest eyes which has such a whimsical feel to it! @_@…I cannot wait to see her wedding pictures which i am sure will not disappoint!!! 🙂

On my birthday, I was treated by my love to the most amazing dinner at The Grill, Dorchester Hotel. The food was amazing and the ambience a little snnooty but what can you expect from a fine-dining traditionally english place. The servers were extremely polite and well informed on every single dish on the menu. I sometimes get awkward in formal places like this, seems like we always have to act a certain way but for the amount we are forced to pay  whats the problem with making a little noise.

At the end of the day its what feeels right for YOU and the world is just secondary.