Its been awhile since ive blogged due to exams. I did my first exam yesterday and fingers crossed i hope it was ok. The MCQ bits were kinda tricky and some questions and i never even came across , there were loads on mast cells which made me so glad i actually studied that lecture! FIRST off, what exactly are lytic granules? I wassnt sure if it included allll CTL,MAst Cells , neutrophils etc etc or just CTLs. Well at least the essay topics were forgiving and i knew one really well (T CELL TOLERANCE) which is great because i think i would have burst into TEARS right then and there in the exam room if i didnt know the topic. oh well this is a really random post and i guess slightly confusing for non- biologists….

Anyways, I feel like blogging about something which i have always been rather interested in and that is BAGS! currently the summer sale is ongoing in London but due to my downer of an exams i havent been able to go round and check it out…BUT yess…

I am totally in love with ZAC posen! they currently do not have a flagship store but only a small sector in Harvey Nichols. Zac posen is an american brand and may be not be as obvious such as Gucci,LV , Chanel but i think their collections are rather suited for young adults whom are just venturing into the work field and what some flare , colour and quirkiness in their wardrobe. Some of the pieces are to die for!

The man himself!

The BAG  i fell in love with 3 years ago. hehe

Aurora bag

Some of my favourite looks in his 2010 collection for target