count down : 3 weeks till my exams. I have been trying to do as much reading as i possibly can since my problem is having insufficient information when it comes to my exams. Everynight just before i fall asleep, i have a small conversation asking GOD for his goodness and help me to reach my goal. I have been provided with so much help which i never thought i would receive if i hadn’t opened my mouth. I am scared, anzious,nervous BUT HOPEFUL! I know i can do it i just need to push through and get it DONE! I have aim to high and just don;t doubt myself at all.

I just saw this music video and i obsolutely love it:

Charice is such an inspiration to me. To think she came from the worst of situations where dreams seemed pointless. Its almost mind boggling thinking about her  journey in life. It really shows that if ur aim is pure and true backed up with dedication and whole heartedness anything can happen. I love that, I feel that so many things in life can bring me down but its up to me to lift my own spiritss. Its human nature to never be content but sometimes we realy have to look around and count our blessings.