For someone today is the first day of the rest of his life, literally! Today someones gonna lie awake , filled with so much anxiety and fear. Filled with thoughts of whether or not he/she will do a good job. Today someone will lie aawake filled with happiness because he/she knows that they were part of something so beautiful. The beauty of life! The miracle of birth is upon us today.

I am more that ecstatic, its an overwhelming feeling to know that a life has entered this world. And it is so much apart of you, with every fibre of its being. Its like a little new fire fly, ready to radiate the world with its beautiful light. I wish so much to be home right now because 26/5/2010 was the day my first nephew, rashad logan was born. I was abruptly awoken by a call this morning from leen, telling me the baby was born! A sigh of relief for everyone. I talked to my brother, and i literally could hear him smiling! I guess some things in life you will never know how it feels until it happens to you. It only made it the more sad when i heard logan looked like ME! and i joked with my brother that see! he knew i wasn;t gonna be there so he decided to look like me!! kinda weird but yeah. Is it possible to love someone even  without knowing  how she/he looks? Is it possible to feel the need to protect someone even without knowing them? Thats how i feel right now towards baby logan! I literally wanted to shop the whole of oxford street down for Baby clothes! which i will after my exams.

One of the saddest things about living away from home , is missing moments like this. Moments when everyone come together to celebrate or reminisce. Its just sad because these moments will never return, they come then go! I have lived away from home for 4 years now and i feel like a huge part of me has grown up on my own. Sometimes i wish i could turn back time and just soaked everything because i took those moments for granted. To put everything i miss into a list would take ages and there are some i can live without but moments like today. This time i really wish i was home.

Its okie, it will be 4 weeks till im home and i can finally be with my family 🙂