just watched the season finale of Gossip Girl and my oh my !! it was completely drama FILLED! I LOVE IT! I don’t really wanna talk about the whole plot but all i wanna say is that it is a definite must watch eventhough im kinda sick of dan and serena! Can;t they just add new cast members this whole recycling thing is retarded! Also, someone wwho would cheat on Nate is freaking INSANE! He is seriously one of my celebrity crush i love the whole Abercrombie/All American look that he has! So dreamy eyed now thinking about him ūüôā

Seriouslyy :)!!! I just absolutely love Gossip girl not only for the Drama but also the fact that eventhough ther in Uni (NYU/Columbia) It doesn’t seem like they have any work at all to do! I guess with so much money and Drama , who needs a college degree! The whole cast are impeccably dressed and¬† each favour their own personal style . I have always loved Blair’s Wardrobe because its the epitome of upper east sider and arrogance! I love the whole preppy look and splashes of bold colours! If only i could have a wardrobe like hers.

I absolutely loved this jacket and the floral blouse that she wore in last weeks episode . I think the colours goes so well together it just screams SPRING! I am absolutely fanatic over colours but sometimes i randomly put them together hoping to have the effect i hope it would. This season Blair had so many amazing outfits , so il just share 2 which i loved most.

She wore this jacket in the¬†season finale and my first thought was genius! I¬†have never¬†came across cutout sleeves in a¬†jacket before. It looks so¬†pretty and i want one!!! I think this would be perfect autumn look and i love hows¬†shes wearing UGGS! I absolutely love UGGS! I don’t actually wear them¬†for the¬†fashion¬†statement BUT they are so good at keeping my feet from freezing especially during winter. It saved my life¬†in Stockholm! without them, i would gotteen frost bite on me toes! LOL

 This was the DRESS i absolutely fell in love with! I think this was the best outfit of the season and i love the beautiful gold intricate detail on the dress. It has a greecian/sexy look to it! I didn;t like all of Blair;s outfits this season as compared to last season because i think some of the choices were rather too mature looking but still there were some high points to it.

Not to mention, Serena had more of an edgy /spohisticated/ sexy look this season with her always out-of-bed hair look and beautifully tanned self. She is the perfect example of a sunkissed california girl.

This is another one of their outifts that i love. I love the flowy-ness of Serenas dress but i love the structure and contrasting colours on Blairs ūüôā SO PRETTY!

Also, I think Jenny H. really evolved in this season becoming even more goth/grundge / darker! She was wearing black the whole season topped with bleach blond hair. Its not really my taste but for her it worked but it i absolutely loved this dress that she wore by J.Mendell. Its so detailed and luxe! absolutely breath taking ‚̧

Thats all from me ‚̧