Just got back from Oxford street for lunch at Leon’s and am filling uber full! Leon’s is one of those organic and super healthy restaurant chains whereby all the food are well cooked and worthy for the price. I had a chicken/chorizo wrap and it was DIVINE. I was basically starving before i went in there so yeah , i would’ve appreciated anything that i could get my hands on to actually. hehe.. SO, to more important things i walked into Kurt Geiger and they were having a shoe sale!!!! i didn;t like most of the shoes there until just before i went out i came across the Most amazingly gorgeous shoes EVER! considering the height on those things the comfort was amazing! But then, i was quite set on getting them but when i realised it was 220 pounds i wanted to burst in tears right there and then! Its so typical of me to love something which is NOT on sale and ALSO going to break  my bank!! OH DEAR!. i love london and all but its a city of many many many temptations so now im contemplating whether i should get it. To me, its a good buy 🙂 But we’ll see how i feel after exams and il decide whether i deserve them 🙂 Call it the big-sexy-beautiful REWard after all my hard work 🙂

Kurt Geiger : Hoxton

So pretty :)…At least i didn’t do what i did last year when i was in an exam coma and my sister forced me to go shopping with her. It ended with me buying my Chanel which BY THE WAY  i still stand by the worthyness of it but in retrospect , my impulsiveness scares me! I just kept thinking its my 21st birthday so why not splurge which i did! oh well, its a classic and i already have dreams about how il pass it to my daughter when she turns 21! LOL !!

Hrms the stupid volcano which i cannot bother copy pasting the name here has erupted again and caused  more aiports to close  in the UK. I hate the fact that the stupid eruption robbed me of my Santorini vacation! I was so excited about the trip because i have always ALWAYS wanted go to greece,santorini but the tickets were always so expensive but from sheer determination i managed to get a really good deal but DAMN IT! i can’t get a break can i? I was already dreaming about sprawling across the beautiful blue beaches and having mediterrean food overlooking an amazing view. I guess everything was too good to be true in some ways because not only did i find the perfect tickets but i also found the perfect hotel! It was like this place my friend from Greece suggested and the hotel actually did airport pick ups! Especially for the price i would have paid , it was a steal really 😦 Oh well, il have to save that trip for next year 🙂

Pictures that could have been taken by ME!

This post depresses me! Especially when i look out my window and its raining like crazy!