Today i will  be writing about a women who has truly inspired me in more ways than one. Everyone that is really close to me knows that i am absolutely in LOVE with Vera Wang. Coincidently,  part of blog was inspired by her.  I remember at the age of 12 watching a short clip on the  travel channel about Vera Wang and her designing techniques and aspirations. To put it simply, i was hooked!  I know she has said so many things but one thing that has really stuck with me was when she said something along the lines ” I design for the petite asian women, women who aren’t models” . I know i am a petite girl and i know i can;t pull off every look but with Vera i know there is hope :). Her collection starts off at US$2000 and though i am not even sure whether i will be able to afford it and let alone have a wedding. I still wish to have one of her dresses. Yes, the i try to avoid thinking about the price tag which i will worry about at a later date.  Her designs surpassses all in my point of view. She inspires me to be proud of my physique and that everyone is beautiful no matter your size. I may be taking it to another level BUT i believe GOD made me the way that i am and it shouldn;t be any other way.

I am proud to be my size but sometimes i wish i was taller but oh well, i make up for what i lack in more ways than one. Also, the reason i am proud to be who i am is because i am the product of two of the most amazing people in this world. (Love u mama and papa). Anyways, diverting back!

For as long as i can remember, i have always browsed through the vera wang website and watch her fashion shows on line . I remember being  UBER ECSTATIC when i found out she opened a boutique in Singapore! IT just made it feel more reachable!! Vera Wang is one of a kind and she doesn;t only understand a ladies body but she understands that everyone;s bodies are different and it should all be celebrated . In a nutshell, whatever your  physique everyone wants to feel beautiful on their wedding day.

Not only is she an amazing designer but she is absolutely gorgeous! such an inspiration.

So now, I will share with you why i love VERA WANG!!!

Her designs reaches such a wide spectrum of people from completely romantic with lace and silk for dreamers like myself to more structured and elegant for the more practical women. I am absolutely in love with lace,bows, silk and flowy-nessss. Its more than love i tell you ❤

YOUR kidding me right! this dressss is beyond beautiful. It is a walking piece of art. If anyone disagrees then your BLIND! LOL. Only in  the amazing mind of Vera can something like this be produced. If there was one person’s mind i would like to enter for a day it would be her. Creativity is an amazing thing  without it , life would be black and white and deafeningly monotonous.

This the Emmeline from the Fall 2010 collection. My jaw dropped when i saw this. It is slightly conservative, simple and amazingly gorgeous. I love pieces like this,usually i take a moment to imagine touching a dress like this * i know creepy!!! lol! but yes, its undeniably astonishing.

I am definitely NOT a designer and the most i have done is sew buttons on my coats. But I know what i like in clothes and i have my own personal style. Not everyone will like it but i know i do and thats the most important thing. I try my best to dress my body type and sometimes i digress from the norm because there are some outfits which are too hard to say no to!!


It will surprise you that Vera started her boutique at the age 0f 40 when she couldn’t find a wedding gown that really resembled her at the time. How amazing is that! I guess for me thats inspiring because everyone says the 20s are the times you find your inspiration and what is it you love to do but that is not always the case. Yes, i know i will go into education after getting my degreee but then i hate knowing that’s it! I want to know there is more to life and that there is an after-life aside from marriage, kids and work! I say work because your career doesn;t define who you are. Its an extension of yourself but for me, I am one whose interest extends to the universe and i wish i had more time and brain power to learn and do it all but i have to pace myself and just learn from the greats. ie. Vera ❤

Who knows? I might decide to pick up a pin and thread then decide thats my LIFE or pick up a guitar and decide im going to be the next Led Zeppelin. My point is, i feel its ok if  I don’t know who i am YET and i Am trying to figure it out. Its a liberating feeling knowing i dont need to know!! I admit i am a planner and without a plan i feel as though i have no direction and panic! But what i realise is that the best things i have in my life are the ones i didn’t plan for.

Thank u VERA, your truly an inspiration ❤