Someone i truly believe is a definite STYLE ICON is non other  than Mary kate olsen . She has a style of her own and an imagination with fashion that definitely isn;t for public consumption. I remember being a kid and watching all her movies and series and reading all their full house books. I remember running to the  last bookshelf at the library hoping i could get my hands on their books. It was quite a hot commodity back then. I fell in love with all their movies i.e. When in Rome, two of a kind series, it takes two,passport to paris, lips are sealed, NEW YORK MINUTE 🙂 And i cannot wait for mary kates new movie : Beastly!!

Every movie they made had amazing locations which really opened my eyes to the many corners of the world. I remembered while being in New York and feeling like everything felt so familiar because every location felt like a movie set. It was when i reached time square that i randomly thought about the scene in New york minute when mary kate and ashley had to run through traffic just with their towels. That was prettyy random but funny at the same time especially with the bustling streets and masses of people everywhere.

Anyways, i  have always loved mary kates fashion sense and there were times i tried to mimick her style which failed more than succeeded. I know many of us love her becuase she is petite but i guess one thing about her is so unique is that no matter what criticism she gets from people about her wardrobe she just could care less.Not only is she super gorgeous with her massive/dough eyes but also she has the skills to back up her eccentric-ness. She has this quiet confidence that when she speaks , you want to listen. And that is the impact of a strong and charismatic personality some people are born with it without having to try so hard.

An example : Nylon Interview: The way she articulates her views and interest is laid back almost hippie-like, its fascinating to say the least.

She’s a unique person with so much personality, i can only imagine how fascinating coffee-talk would be with a women so experienced and slightly flamboyant.

I think essentially , just do what you love to do and everything in this world will work itself out. I believe that with all my might that every decision we make in lives should be backed up with reason. Reason as to why you do it. Just like in the case of blogging for me, i do it because i love it and it makes me feel as though i am heard. Simply put, i love it! I mean when i think about how many hours in a day do i spend doing things i have to or hate doing as appose to doing something that makes me feel good. It just screams depressing so  for me this life is for the LIVING and realising that we are not robots!