Just like everything in life we are all allowed to our own likes and dislikes. For me, i really dislike oh wait no HATE guys who uses skinniesss!!! I mean yes fashion is about how you feel about yourself and your own self expression but when it has to cross my path i am entitled for my own 2 cents in the matter. I mean first of all , why skinnies? Well i guess skinnies were made to allow girls to show off legsss and to actually look cute with a small top that fits a girls frame. so, why do guys need to wear it? are they jealous cause we can wear pants but they can;t wear dresses? All i am saying is that if your not showing off your legss so what are you trying to do???

I was LUCKY enough to see one model pull off skinnies but i admit this model was Good lucking enough to pull off a paper bag! So, for those who are not models and whose looks is rather earthly please think twice before squeezing into those tubes. You have the luxury of not having to suffer for fashion so don;t take it for granted.

Above: NO!!!! I mean how is that attractive?? I know some women feels as though Skinnies are miracle workers rather than just jeans. Yes, the word skinnies means that skinnies are not universal so don;t kid yourself. Flaunt the good stuff and not your 4th butt! As a woman, i also abide the rules of not showing camel toe becaue it screams skank even if its not intended and also knowing what to flaunt at the appropiate times. Since, i am talking about fashion items! I also cannot stand men who wear Really tight shirts. It;s like their trying to show the smallest they can fit into.I think psychologically it makes them look buffer/stronger?  because its tight? but to me it looks like freaking hulk reincarnated!!!! SERIOUSSSSSLYY!!!!!!!!…

as you can seee, im in a very chipper moodd today