It’s a cold and gloomy sunday here in london. I dont know where the beautiful sunny and warm weather has gone to. It;s a mere memory now. It may or not be psychological but my mood really depends on the weather. Usually, when i get woken up by the sun rays peeking through the curtains thats always an indication that todays going to be good day!  I guess in some ways it reminds me of my childhood back in Brunei when the sun is always out and shining with no reservations.

I was so inspired to get up and blog about something that really inspired and touched my core.

I remember watching it for the first time on So you think you can dance! And I sobbed like a baby over it. Its something in the movement and the dance steps that makes me feel as though im part of this story thats happening right in front of my eyes. I know im the type that is quite emotional(drama queen inside me) but this dance has imprinted something  i’ll never forget. Its amazing how something so simple like dance can actually touch my heart strings. It could also be the fact that i  unconciously relate the story to my life and my experiences but still, the struggle of love felt ,the ups and the downs. The moments you know you should let go but you don’t ! May be it stubborness or that you’d rather feel pain than forget.

LOVE is out there for the taking. It just depends on the outlook you have of life. Yes, Some people tend to have it easier and it seems as if  love seems to waltz in every chance it gets into their lives. These are people are blessed but usually these are ones that appreciate less and also end up falling. I guess there is always a reason why things are the way that they are. What ever the case, I believe everyone deserves to be loved and to feel love. And no, i am not only talking about a girl/boy friend love but from family , friends, strangers, GOD etc. An example is a hug from your grandmother that feels so warm and safe. A woman so amazing that i only can imagine what she has gone through, filled with so much wisdom and love.

I have been burn a couple of times with love but i never stopped believing but i admit i built an invisible wall that could not be penetrated. In a nutshell, i became more guarded, wiser and more cautious instead of jumping in with both feet. I am just glad that someone saw me for who i was behind that facade. With time the wounds healed and i decided there’s no point living in fear. Yes, the scars remain but its good because then you look back and say HA! you hurt me but you didn;t destroy my truth! ❤