I am definitely on a rollllll today! I have been watching the Oprah Show  and i cannot tell you how much i really LOVE OPRAH. She is the definition of giving and loving whilst enjoying every minute of it! I have grown up watching Oprah and the amount of knowledge that i received from her shows are limitless. I actually believe through my ritual after school sessions with Oprah  for more than 5 years it has helped me to become the person that i am today. Not only does she preach about loving everyone and giving without expectations but most importantly she has taught me to love myself! and even if you don’t you have to start!!! She is an inspiration to all women out there and its safe to say that she is the legend of our time.

The greatest thing about Oprah is that everyone feels like they can relate and that shes just one of the girls with all the insight. I mean with a best friend like Oprah you’ll only sky rocket up because she just pushes you to be the best that you can be! I could list all the amazing things that i learned but one i cannot forget is that even when everyone is depending on you to run their lives , you must never forget that if you don’t give yourself time you won’t have anything left to give. And i think it stays true for all.

I just wonder everyday, if i could ever be like Oprah! I mean she’s always saying that you will find happiness in your truth. Your truth will ultimately be the thing that you love  to do the most and that when it comes to people, you should always treat the people that love you right! Everyday i try to motivate myself to get out of bed and find my purpose! I know that what  im studying right now is what i love to do but still some days it feel so pointless. I have dreams of helping the world one day with the knowledge that i will gain and help those in impoverished countries but you know sometimes the world feels so big that i feel so insignificant that its hard to keep positive all the time.

But this year has taught me that everytime you fall down you have to dust the shame and hurt off and keep moving forward!!!! I believe that the path shouldn;t be easy but something worth fighting for. I know I will have to pay my dues before reaching my goals. With people like Oprah on this planet , it makes me believe that there is hope and there is a way!