It’s been awhile since i last blogged and now through inspirations such as perez,bryanboy, xiaxue etc etc. I have decidedto  channel my inner blogger  and  tackle the blogosphere once more.

I am actually part of the exam madness happening right now in university which is why i need something to get me out of this extremely hostile environment.It doesn’t feel right when the library is the new  HOT SPOT and people are scattered all over the place actually tenting out! For me, i find it rather stressful and selfish of people when they take up spots and just scatter their belongings without any regard for anyone else and to make it worse their not even there just their odour lingering aroud. UNCOOL!

So now i just need an outlet to  feel freee, creative and getting some “me” time. A friend said its a way for me to procrastinate but i think its a way to remind myself that there is more to this! I have so many things running through my head such as things i love,hate, admire etc. I am the type of person who is just waiting to get inspired everytime i hear a new song, see a new painting, find new sceneries , new fashion,encounter new technology i will be buzzing with ideass with my input in the matter. I don’t think you need a college degree to critic things cause after all its your own opinion and like all things in life, its subjective!

This dress is absolutely gorgeous!!! i completely love it because it looks as though water is cascading over her body! is it crazy to feel that for a dress? To me everything that vera wang has put out looks amazing and she gets better with age!