Varsity stripes

[Bag: IMedici Firenze, Tights: Atmosphere, Knit dress: Atmosphere and Scarf: Atmosphere & Shoes: Kiku, Jacket: MANGO]

Spent the day strolling down Bayswater Market where the usual struggling artiste lay their own art pieces. It was such a good sunday morning though the sky was deceivingly grey. Found some really great pieces by Richard Price which were paintings of the sea that was inspired by the coast of England. Then, managed to finally end up at Portebello Market having the usual hummingbird cupcakes and people watch.

I guess one word that described my look for that day was “THRIFTY”. Most of the pieces came from a store called PRIMARK! This store is really a god-sent for every single student because it is basically a huge store dedicated to all things fashion without the usual bank breaking prices! I mean I know people who really despise the store and think it is only for the lower class! However, when your on a budget and a student this helps in feeding your retail cravings 🙂 Plus, the quality is not too shabby. I literallly got my strip knit dress for 8 pounds and a scarf for 5!!! BARGAIN? I think so 🙂



Attitude of a leather jacket


[Headband: turban Forever 21, Jeans: Abercrombie&Fitch, Jacket: Forever 21, Flats: Shumiya, Bag: Louis Vuitton Speedy, Scarf: United Colours of Benetton]

Spent my saturday morning strolling around west london;s farmers market which always gives me a burst of excitement. There hundreds of delicacies and random hob-knobs laid. However , my go-to-foods are the lamb baguettes and Monmouth Coffee! Every londoner has got to be aware of the amazing Monmouth coffees which results in a queue that goes around the corner. A definite must!

Today was quite a typical british saturday morning with temperatures climaxing at 12 degrees. So, decided to pull out the leather jacket and my new purchase- the turban headband! I was super inspired to get it when I saw it on the rack though it is really an acquired taste. It definitely highlights a fashion for function ❤

One person who carries the leather jacket look flawlessly is Alexa Chung. I have always been inspired by her because not only is she gorgeous but she is an accidental style icon. Her fashion eye is effortlessly perfect and no matter what she puts on it becomes an instant must-wear look. She definitely has the look and attitude to carry off the classic edgy look without having to try so hard.



Unexpected treasures!

Absolutely amazing FOOD.PEOPLE and PLACES!

Been busy with orientation at university lately and yes, it will be an absolutely insane year!!! However, i am more than ecstatic for it especially with all the amazing and accomplished people that  are also attending the course. Above are just some photos I took in Vancouver 🙂

Things I have been obsessed with: Uniqlo earmuffs, NEAL knitwear, ELLA scarf (LOVE), Hollister Jeans ( Another pair I could live in!) , Louis Vuitton Bag and my MACBook Pro.

Autumn is starting to settle in and I’m loving it.



Beautiful Day!

[top: Forever 21, Jeans: Abercrombie&Fitch,Bag: I Medici Firenze,Accessories: Micheal Kors, Shoes: Kiku, Coat: Forever 21]

  1. By the totem poles
  2. My shot at Prospect point
  3. Stanley park
  4. My perfect Kiku shoes i basically lived in the entire trip
  5. Colourful cargo ship
  6. Me on this perfect chair-like root of the massive tree 🙂
  7. Eccentric Granville Island ❤

Spent the last day in BC in areas such as Stanley park, downtown and granville island..going to miss canada especially the family left behind but it is definitely see u later and not goodbye 🙂

Little Island, little ME!

So here i am stuck in the middle of Richmond,Canada in a McDonalds Drive through as I wait patiently for my cousin to finish his meeting somewhere across the street?Is it weird to say im loving the brewed coffee here. Well this time alone gives me the perfect opportunity to sit and blog….

First of all, in my eyes Forever 21 is one of the greatest stores for thrifty-trying-to-make-it fashionistas. I have been OBSESSED with the store since forever and I always know I can find something which I will just go head-over-heels for. I am in love with the range of knitwear collection which will be absolutely perfect for the coming fall season.The best thing about knitwear is the fact that it allows comfort, warmth and sexiness! its the perfect piece because yes,  fashion with a capital F can painful but this makes it easier especially when your suffering from the freezing cold! Plus, it is so easy to swap from day to night look depending on the accessories!

I am actually flying back to London tomorro evening and part of  me is getting nervous thinking about  going back into the crazy lifestyle of university and LONDON! However, the upside is the accesibility to all things fashion with the right connections ,resources and persistence! So, now im really getting excited 🙂


i have been so busy lately travelling from Brunei-London-Canada! The jet lag has really been settling in because i can’t seem to sleep at the times i want to.. Anyways, vancouver has been absolutely beautiful with all the mountains and surrounding forests! The weather has been quite chilled but not enough for me to complain at all.

[ jacket: Forever 21, Top: Forever 21, Accessories: Forever 21, Shoes: Kiku, Jeans: Abrecrombie&Fitch, Bag:I Medici Firenze]

I am absolutely obsessed with my faux leather jacket i got in Forever 21. I will definitely be wearing it to threads by the time fall hits 🙂 Its the perfect fall jacket for me! I like it because it is so soft and it is not too masculine due to triangular collar! I don’t think I could really pull off a full on biker look just yet!



Thought: Night of diamonds

Was watching the Emmmys and fell in love with Aubrey Plaza’s dresss by Juan Carlos Obando 🙂 The picture just does not give it justice but still I love the flowyness and white on this dress ❤ The detail such as the waves at the hems and at the top of the dress creates the added subtle elegance .. LOVE! It could be one of my favourites of the night!

On the other handd…… my firs thought on Zooey Deschanel’s dress was WTF!!!!!!!!!! I mean the unfinished look of the ribbon on the dress looks extremely tacky against the bubblegum coloured dress which kinda looks like soufle cake-shape! ADDED on with the BIG hair and dark eye make up! so very wrong in so many ways!!! I love zooey because she really does carry off the 70s look the best but here is just NO! Eventhough its a Monique Lhullier it still did not work!

Another dress that was breaking headlines was Lea Michele’s by Marchesa! I liked it but it was abit underwhelming and it kinda made her look short… :S I dont know I didnt really like it though everyone was raving about it.Maybe its the massive shoulders or the fact that its longer than it needs to be on her..



Thought: Over the rainbow

As I about to leave the house for evening mass  I saw the most amazing rainbow which lead to the photo above! Here, I am again with a knot top which was gifted by my sis <3. I decided to go my version of “preppy” and  it turned out extremely comfortable and effortless.

Spent the other half of my day at a family gathering (in another outfit). I left feeling extremely blessed to have such funny, loving, caring and kind people in my life. It will definitely be sad to leave but oh well its ONE MORE YEAR!



Thought: Its all in the walk

Decided to pull out this top which I butchered by wearing a hundred times few months back. I have always been so fascinated by the twist detail on this top which makes it  alittle more interesting than a basic teee. Something which always gets me in a good mood are my abrecrombie & fitch jeans which basically goes with anything and everything in wardrobe. Plus, it feels like heaven! Extremely worth the buy ❤

I have been keeping up with Fashion week NYC 2011 and let me  tell me you that I die a little inside knowing i cant experience yet another fashion week!! when will my time come?